My husband & I have been teaching our 11 month old cat how to hunt bugs.  He's excited to learn and eager to please.  Gilbert has been having a hard time eating the bugs.  Poor cat would lunge forward to eat the bug up, but the bug would move by then.  It's actually very amusing to watch.  I didn't want him to get discouraged, so I have been flipping over the bugs on its back so Gilbert can get them.  He was so tickled to eat his first bug, a little creepy crawling that sneaked into the kitchen.  He just purred and purred.  I told him what a good boy he was, and oh nelly he was hooked! Hunting bugs was fun!


This morning I awoke to find Gilbert by the kitchen back door.  He was facing the corner where the cabinet and wall meet.  He meowed at me and I came to look.  Gilbert had a slew of ants cornered!  He was on the front line and was proud to keep the bugs at bay.  He just purred and purred.  He knew he was being a good boy.


Do any of your cats enjoy hunting & eating bugs?  I would love to hear stories!

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Comment by MediaGrump on July 29, 2011 at 5:37pm
I found a Black Widow spider hanging out just outside our door yesterday!  I sprayed the snot of her and she STILL didn't die!  The Black Widow hung in mid air for a moment, then she dropped to the ground.  I completely missed my opportunity to swat her! All I kept thinking was Gilbert was going to get a hold of her and get sick and die!  I sprayed everywhere around the door, all over the steps in hopes to keep those bad bugs away. :(
Comment by MediaGrump on June 4, 2011 at 9:30pm
Clarissa, that it so great you have active bug hunters!  My one cat has no interest in them what so ever.  Iol
Comment by Sandra on June 2, 2011 at 2:07am
That's such a cute tale!  Uh... tail?
Comment by Clairissa Brooks on June 2, 2011 at 1:29am

Our middle child, Butterfree (a stray we took in) loves bugs. I'm assuming he ate a lot of bugs when he was outside fending for himself.

There was a time he was on the cat perch and was staring up at the ceiling (he does this every time you pick him up too, we don't see nothing but maybe he's just looking for bugs) and he started meowing, turning around in circles, and he did that chatter talk that cats do when they can't get to their prey. Well I looked up there and at first I didn't see anything but then I saw something moving. It was a spider that almost blended into the the white ceiling, but he noticed it of course.

Not sure what other bugs he has gotten a hold of yet.

Another time, he kept moving some stuff around, and I figured he found of bug of some sort. I watched him as he brought his paw back and licked it (think maybe he got bit, but he isn't bothered by it). While later he was trying to eat something so I came over, sure enough it was a spider.

Last time I was bitten by a spider, my arm swelled up, so to me, he is protecting mommy.

There are these little nats that drive him and our newest cat Chansey crazy. They are so small and hard to get a hold of. We use this zapper tennis racket thing to kill them, then they meow still looking for the flying pests.

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